Funny Golf Club Covers

Hello there. Today I bring a little humor into the world of golf. I love to bring my personality from the tee to the green. One way I do this is through my golf club covers. Have you ever considered using funny golf club covers? They’re not only practical, but they also add a touch of humor to the game. Let’s dive into the world of funny golf club covers!

The Importance of Golf Club Covers

Why Use Golf Club Covers?

Golf club covers are essential golf accessories, but why exactly?

Protection and Maintenance

Firstly, they offer protection. Golf clubs can be pretty expensive, and we want to ensure they last as long as possible. Covers help protect your clubs from potential damage during transport or storage.

Personal Expression

Secondly, they’re a fantastic way to express your personal style. Why not have a little fun while you’re at it?

The Fun Side of Golf: Funny Golf Club Covers

Humor can make any activity more enjoyable, even a serious game like golf. Funny golf club covers can lighten the mood, bring out smiles, and even spark conversations.

Top Funny Golf Club Covers

Animal-Themed Covers

Fancy having a zoo on your golf bag? Animal-themed covers, like monkeys, gators, and even sharks, are a fun and popular choice.

Cartoon-Themed Covers

Who said cartoons are only for kids? Cartoon-themed covers bring your favorite characters to the golf course.

 Unique and Unusual Covers

If you want something out of the ordinary, there are plenty of unique and unusual covers out there. How about a golf club cover that looks like a large piece of sushi or a zombie hand?

Things to Consider When Buying Funny Golf Club Covers


The material is crucial. It needs to be durable but also soft enough not to scratch your clubs.


The design should resonate with your sense of humor. If it makes you laugh, it’s a winner!

Fit and Compatibility

Finally, ensure the covers fit your clubs and are compatible with their design.

How to Choose the Right Funny Golf Club Covers

Choosing the right golf club cover can be a fun process. Think about what you love, what makes you laugh, and what will still be funny after the hundredth round of golf. Personal taste is key here!

Where to Buy Funny Golf Club Covers

There are numerous places to buy funny golf club covers. From online marketplaces like Amazon to specialized golf stores, you’ll find a wide variety of options. Look for sellers with high ratings and positive reviews.

Using Funny Golf Club Covers

Proper Use

Using golf club covers is simple, but remember to replace the cover after each use to maximize protection.

5 Brands of Funny Golf Club Covers

Here are 5 top brands suggestions that are popular and well-received options in the market at time of writing. Specific features, pros, and cons will vary depending on individual preferences and needs, but these are all good options to consider if you’re looking for funny golf club covers.

Emoji Club Head Cover

  • Features: These emoji covers are a fun and protective club head cover that you can use to keep your clubs well protected on the course. You can have a different emoji for your driver, fairway woods, and your putter​​.
  • Pros: Very funny covers, a different emoji for each club​​.
  • Cons: Sits quite large in your golf bag, and there are not many emoji designs to choose from​​.

Sesame Street Elmo Club Head Cover

  • Features: This Elmo cover features a vibrant red colorway and is designed to help you stand out on the golf course. It keeps your driver well protected and safe from any dents or scratches​​.
  • Pros: Perfect for anyone who loves Sesame Street, fantastic red color stands out on the course​.
  • Cons: Maybe slightly hard to put on and take off​​.

NFL Set of Three Head Covers

  • Features: This set of three covers is a good deal, and you can also get mallet putter covers with your favorite team on them. There is a head cover for every team in the league​.
  • Pros: Great for sports fans to show off their covers, an excellent present for any sports fanatic​1.
  • Cons: Not the most durable covers​​.

Longridge Boxing Glove Wood Head Cover – Red

  • Features: Made from durable synthetic materials, this boxing glove driver head cover is perfect for boxing fans and features a bright red base color. It is designed to protect your driver’s club head​​.
  • Pros: A great model for boxing fans, bright red color looks great​​.
  • Cons: May slip off easily on the course​1​.

Pink Panther Head Cover

  • Features: This head cover replicates the iconic Pink Panther cartoon and is used by US Open champion and 10-time LPGA Tour winner Paula Creamer​1​.
  • Pros: Another funny head cover, very distinctive pink colorway​​.
  • Cons: May be slightly large​​.

Maintenance and Care

Most golf club covers can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning guidelines.

The Impact of Funny Golf Club Covers on Golf Culture

Funny golf club covers bring a light-hearted spirit to the game. They show that while golf is a sport of focus and precision, it’s also a game where fun and personality have a place.


So, there it is! Funny golf club covers offer protection for your clubs, a chance to express your personality, and a fun twist to the game. Next time you’re out on the green, consider adding some humor to your golf bag!


Q. Do all golf clubs need covers?

A. Not necessarily, but covers are especially useful for woods and drivers which have larger and more delicate heads.

Q. Can I use golf club covers in a professional match?

A. Yes, golf club covers can be used in professional matches. They’re removed during play and do not affect the game.

Q. Are all golf club covers universal in size?

No, golf club covers come in various sizes. Always check the specifications to ensure a good fit for your clubs.

Q. Can I customize my golf club covers?

A. Absolutely! Many companies offer customization options. You can have a cover that’s truly unique to you.

Q, Will golf club covers affect my gameplay?

A. No, golf club covers are meant to protect your clubs when not in use. They should not impact your swing or gameplay.

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