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Hello fellow golfers! I bet we all agree that a sunny day is perfect for hitting the links. But what happens when the skies open up and the rain pours down? Staying dry on the course is so important. Well, that’s where golf rain gear steps in.

Why You Need Golf Rain Gear

Ever tried playing golf in the rain with regular clothes? Then you probably know how uncomfortable and distracting it can be. You’re there trying to focus on your swing, but you’re just too wet and cold. Investing in quality golf rain gear can completely transform your rainy golfing experiences. Not only will it keep you dry and comfortable, but it can also improve your game performance!

What to Look for in Rain Gear

Buying rain gear is not as straightforward as it might seem. Here’s what to consider.

Waterproof Capabilities

The primary function of golf rain gear is to keep you dry. Hence, the waterproof rating of the gear is crucial. Look for gear with a high waterproof rating to ensure you remain dry even in a downpour.

Comfort and Fit

The gear should be comfortable and well-fitting, without limiting your movements. After all, you don’t want anything compromising your swing, do you?


Choose high-quality gear made of durable materials. It should withstand harsh weather conditions without wearing out quickly.

Ease of Movement

Your rain gear shouldn’t restrict your swing. It should be designed with a golfer’s unique movements in mind, so it moves with you, not against you.

Types of Golf Rain Gear

You can choose from various types of rain gear to suit your needs and preferences.

Waterproof Jackets

These jackets will keep your upper body dry during rain. Look for one that’s not only waterproof but also lightweight.

Rain Pants

Just like the waterproof jackets, rain pants keep your lower body dry. They should also be lightweight and not restrict your movement.

Waterproof Golf Shoes

Wet feet can ruin a good game. Waterproof golf shoes keep your feet dry, giving you a more comfortable experience.

Waterproof Golf Gloves

Grip is crucial in golf, and it can get compromised when it’s wet. Waterproof gloves provide excellent grip even in the rain.

Golf Umbrellas

These are a must-have. They are larger than the standard umbrella, offering you and your gear the needed protection from the rain.

Top Branded Golf Rain Gear

You can buy rain gear from sports stores or online platforms. However, ensure you buy from trusted dealers to get authentic and high-quality gear.

Please note that actual product availability may vary, and the features, as well as pros and cons, can depend on the individual’s preferences and specific needs. . There are many golf rain gear brands out there, but here are a few of my personal suggestions and can be bought from online stores (e.g. amazon, PGA tour store) and brand websites:

Under Armour Forefront – Rain Jacket for Men and Women (& Storm Rain Pants for Men and Women)

  • Features: The rain jacket is waterproof but remains breathable. It comes with windproof materials and construction to shield you from the elements. The jacket includes a full zip front with a stand collar for extra coverage. Golf pants are also available to suit up!
  • Pros: Good value for the money, highly weather-resistant, comfortable, allows good mobility.
  • Cons: Some may find the fit not as tailored or snug as other brands.

FootJoy HydroLite Rain Jacket for Men and Women

  • Features: The HydroLite jacket is 100% waterproof
  • roof shell, which combines lightweight fabrics with a bonded liner to make it one of the lightest garments ever produced by FootJoy. It comes with a waterproof front zipper and scorecard pocket. Golf Pants for both men and women are available and comes with an elastic waistband with a drawstring for a comfortable yet secure fit.
  • Pros: Lightweight, great waterproofing, comfortable, relatively affordable.
  • Cons: Some golfers may find it less breathable than desired.

Zero Restriction Gore-Tex Packable Men’s Jacket and Pants & Women’s Jacket and Pants

  • Features: These are designed with Gore-Tex fabric to provide thorough waterproofing. The jacket offers an adjustable waist and cuffs, while the pants have leg zippers and an adjustable waistband. They are also packable and come with a handy travel bag.
  • Pros: High waterproof capability, packable, adjustable for a better fit.
  • Cons: They may feel bulkier and heavier than other brands, making them slightly less comfortable for some golfers.

Nike HyperShield Convertible Golf Rain Jacket for Men and Women & HyperShield Golf Pants

  • Features: Nike HyperShield fabric blocks elements like wind and water. The jacket comes with a convertible design that lets you adjust your coverage and ventilation. The pants are also designed to resist wind and water, with elastic waistbands and hem cuffs for a secure fit.
  • Pros: Durable, highly weather-resistant, stylish design, convertible jacket design for versatile use.
  • Cons: Some users report the pants can run long, and they may not be as breathable as some other brands.

Galvin Green Ashton GORE-TEX Jacket & Alf GORE-TEX Trousers

  • Features:The Ashton jacket is made from GORE-TEX fabric with mesh lining for high breathability and sustainable waterproofing. It’s designed with adjustable chest width and cuffs. The Alf trousers have an elasticated waist, long zip openings at the side, and adjustable leg width. Both items are lightweight, soft, and offer flexibility for the golf swing.
  • Pros: Excellent waterproofing, highly breathable, flexible for golf swings, durable.
  • Cons: They tend to be more expensive than other brands

These brands are recognized for their quality, but golfers’ individual preferences can differ significantly. Always consider factors like comfort, mobility, breathability, waterproofing, and price when choosing golf rain gear.

Rain suits are also available and some current suits in the market at the time of writing are:

For Men: Frogg Toggs, KEJ Golf, fit space

For Women: Frogg Toggs,

Unisex: Niruoxn

Care and Maintenance for Golf Rain Gear

Taking proper care and attention ensures the rain gear serves you longer. Clean them as directed by the manufacturer, and always allow them to dry completely before storage.


Golf rain gear is essential for any golfer. It keeps you comfortable and dry, allowing you to enjoy your game, rain or shine. So next time the weather forecast predicts some rain, don’t cancel your golf game. Instead, suit up with your golf rain gear and enjoy the game!


Q. What is the best material for golf rain gear?
A. Waterproof yet breathable materials like Gore-Tex are often recommended for golf rain gear.

Q. How do I clean my golf rain gear?
A. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Most rain gear can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water.

Q. Can I wear golf rain gear in other weather conditions?
A. Yes, most golf rain gear can also provide protection from wind.

Q. Do all golf courses allow play in the rain?
A. It depends on the course’s policy and the severity of the weather. Always check with the course management.

Q. How long does golf rain gear last?
A. With proper care and maintenance, high-quality golf rain gear can last for several years.

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